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FAQs for Authors

1.       How do I sign up to write for Fandom Against Famine?

On our blog there is a sign up form for any authors who want to write for our compilation. Just fill it out, let us know what kind of story you’d like to write and we’ll send you an email to let you know that you’re on our list.

2.       What can I write for the compilation?

We’re accepting oneshots, outtakes, future-takes and alternate POVs of chapters. You can also submit the first chapter of a new multi-chapter story, but we do ask that you wait until after the posting deadline before you continue to post the rest the of the story.

3.       When are the stories due by?

We ask that you email your story to us by the end of Sunday 9th October. If you have any problems meeting this deadline please let us know. There is some leeway with timings if you run into trouble.

4.       What format do I have to email my story in as?

As long as the story is not locked in a zip file, we’ll accept stories in any format (Word, gdocs, ODT, etc.). The whole compilation will eventually be sent out as a PDF file, so we’ll format the document for you once we receive it.

5.       Can I add a banner to my story?

Yes. We only ask that you email the banner to us in a separate file to your story so that we can format it properly for the compilation.

6.       Will I receive a copy of the compilation?

Yes. Along with everyone who has donated to the Famine Relief charities, all writers will receive a copy of the completed compilation at the end of October. If you have a banner accompanying your story then your banner maker will also receive a copy of the compilation, providing that you email us their name and contact email when you submit your story.

7.       Can I share my copy of the compilation with others once I receive it?

As the compilation is being sent out in an effort to raise money for relief efforts, we ask that you do not share the compilation with others as it would be unfair to those who have donated time and money to receive a copy. Obviously, we cannot control this, but we ask as a point of decency that you refrain from sharing copies until after the posting deadline for the stories.

8.       When I can I post my story to my own fanfiction account/blog/website?

We ask that you wait until Sunday 4th December before posting your story to your own account in order to give everyone who received the compilation a chance to enjoy exclusive access to the stories.

9.       What can I write about? Does it have to be Twilight?

You can write whatever you want for any fandom you want, even including original fiction. All we ask is that your story meets minimum standards of grammar and spelling (perhaps consider using a beta). If your story does include any controversial or sensitive material, please include appropriate warnings at the beginning of the story. We will screen the stories before their inclusion in the compilation for any inappropriate material and if we feel that a story has breached the grounds of decency then we may censor it or refuse to include it within the compilation. Any stories including rape, bestiality, paedophilia or abuse will not be included.

10.   Can I add an A/N to my story?

If you would like to include an A/N or any additional information relevant to your story, then please highlight it so we know to separate it from the main body of the story when we are formatting.

            General FAQs

1.       How do I get a copy of the compilation?

The aim of this compilation is to raise money for famine relief efforts in East Africa. In order to get a copy of the compilation and the great stories in it, you need to donate to any charity supporting these efforts and then forward the receipt to our email address. We’ll then send you an email to let you know that you’re on our list to receive the compilation.

2.       Do I have to send money to a specific charity?

Given the different nature of international relief charities, and the internationality of the fandom, we don’t have a specific charity that we’re supporting. As long as any money donated has gone to an East Africa campaign you can donate to any charity that you want. If you don’t know which charity would be best to donate to, we have included several relevant campaigns on the Links page of our blog.

3.       How much money should I donate?

As different charities all have different minimum donation amounts, we have set no minimum amount that you need to donate before you can receive a compilation. As needs in East Africa often vary in cost (and are often cheaper than what you would expect in the Western world), all we ask is that you give what you can. Every little helps to contribute to making someone’s life better and easier, so anything you can offer is gratefully appreciated.

4.       When will I receive a copy of the compilation if I’ve donated money?

At the moment we’re aiming for all the compilations to be sent out to those who have donated by the end of October barring complications.

5.       I don’t have the money to donate to charity, but I still want to help. How can I get involved?

You can get involved in a number of non-financial ways. You could sign up to write a story for the compilation, offer to make a banner, pre-read or beta for one of the contributing authors or just help to promote us and the cause on twitter and through blogs. We appreciate any help we can get.

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